Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for...Kali Seymour by um, Kali Seymour

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Day 11 brings us a short and sweet post by an alter ego. Rather like a pen name, I suppose, but Kali Seymour is featured for the letter "K" today. Check out her free story on Smashwords (see below) and leave a comment!

K is for Kali Seymour

Kali is my alter ego persona for The Khristmas Flower
Free on Smashwords!

Alter egos can come in handy when your writing. And it can help distinguish you as a different genre. Somehow I felt that when I wrote that story that my main name wouldn't fly.

So I thought, "Why not try an different name?"

When creating an name, make it fun exciting and don't be afraid to go out on limb.

The Kristmas Flower Aka Christmas Flower

Does love really last for an eternity? Even after the one you loved has passed on. Lillian Willard's will soon find that out.

It was a dreary winter’s afternoon in the small Pennsylvania town of Millers-burg. In the empty Salem Lutheran Cemetery, an elderly woman in her mid-eighties sits alone on the bench with her daughter Lilith Randolph Willard in front of their loved one's headstone." Lillian Anne Randolph rose from the bench with her daughter’s assistance. Approaching the headstone, she placed a final poinsettia on the grave, then spoke in a soft voice, "Goodbye George, my dear sweet love."


  1. You read my mind with this post, Kali! I was just thinking yesterday that I'd like to write a "fictional" account of my very real family. But, if I kept my name, oooo, things could get UGLY!

    I love the idea of a pen name. Been playing around with Evangeline as a first name. That's all I got for now!

    Another beautiful excerpt too.

  2. I too have been considering at least one pen name, depending if I were to use more for different genres.

    One suggestion I was told many years ago. In selecting a pen name, keep your real name as your first name. May save you of embarrassing moments at a book signing, lecture, or reading when you run into someone who knows you by your real name and blurts out "Hi Kali, I haven't seen you in years."


  3. I love the name you are using - it flows, like a melody, and sounds like it harmonizes with your inner self. The book sounds interesting. I'll give it a read.

  4. love that you have a pseudonym. And the book sounds interesting:)
    Just A-Zing around!

  5. Nice to meet you Kali! Love the book excerpt ... Good teaser.
    Came back for another look.
    Leigh @


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