Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Ranger's Tale is Featured on Kindle Books and Tips!!!

Hiya peeps!! We interrupt this month's programming to let you know that A Ranger's Tale, the first book in my standalone fantasy romance series, is featured on Kindle Books & Tips today, a very popular blog/newsletter that brings you all the latest free and discounted books from Amazon Kindle. 

You can grab your own copy for just $0.99, or you can share the news with all your peeps. Here's a shortened link and prepared Tweet for anyone who can spread the word:

Featured on Kindle Books & Tips HERE
Today on Kindle Books & Tips @fkbt -A Ranger's Tale-Just $0.99 during February. #BookSale #ElvesAreHot

Since A Ranger's Tale is just $0.99 all this month of February, it fits right in with all the other great titles you'll find there. If you love to read, sign up for their daily newsletter to find the best deals on books for your Kindle: www.fkbooksandtips.com/subscribe

Authors, if you'd like to list your books there or want to find out about all the other sponsorship opps there, visit this link: http://www.fkbooksandtips.com/for-authors/

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