Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Characters in Love: Galadin Trudeaux from A Ranger's Tale

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 Characters in Love! 
Each day will feature a different fictional character from various books and genres, and a personal interview about their love lives. It's sure to be enlightening, and if you find yourself dying to know more about them, pick up a copy of the the book! 

Today let's welcome Galadin Trudeaux from A Ranger's Tale:

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I hate talking about myself, but here goes. I'm a half-elf, son of a human father and high elf mother. They were killed by pirates when I was a boy, but I'd rather not talk about that. 

I am, or was, a sea merchant and ranger like my father. Killed stuff for a living, sold the furs and meat. It's a dirty job, one that I never imagined would catch the interest of King Leopold's niece.

2. How/where did you first meet your love interest?

The silly woman was out alone on the docks in Leogard. It's no place for a lone woman, especially not one of her class. She could have at least worn some commoner's clothes to blend in better, but no, there she was in her fine silk robes. She might has well have had "Kidnap Me" written on her forehead, because that's exactly what happened. Two rough sailors I knew from my younger days grabbed her and would have sold her off to a harem had I not intervened.

3. Was it love (or attraction) at first sight?

For me or Caliphany? Haha! Once I got her out of those kidnappers' clutches, she looked at me like I might be one of them. As for me, I couldn't get those eyes of hers out of my head, so I guess you can say I definitely noticed her that day.

4. When did you know for certain that you were in love?

When I had to leave her. See, she found me a few days after that attempted kidnapping and asked me to train her as a ranger so she could defend herself. I should have known better. A woman of royal blood and a half-breed like me didn't mix, not in Leogard anyway. But, I couldn't resist that sack of gold. A whole month's wages, right there for the taking. So, I trained her, figuring she would give up her little hobby when she saw what the job entailed. But I underestimated her, and myself. Every passing day left me wanting more of her company. Little did I know what she really wanted was to leave the city for good and strike out on her own. 

So one night, she stowed away on my ship. Needless to say, we found her after we set sail the next day, but King Leopold's navy was hot on our trail. We had to get her back on dry land before we all hung from a noose. We managed to elude them and sneak her into Faewood. That's where I left her, for a while at least, and that's when I knew I had fallen hard.

5. Have you done anything to compromise your love (or vice versa)?

You might say that. Both of us were too stubborn and stupid to admit how we felt about each other at first. After that...let's just say that something happened that was beyond my control, and when I came back, she wasn't wearing my ring.

6. Has anyone ever come between you?

You would ask me that, wouldn't you? Ever heard of Jayden Ravenwing? No? You're not missing out on much. He's nothing but a pansy-ass, harp-playing short wood elf with an overgrown ego. He's also the head of the L.I.O., the king's secret spy agency. Well, woopty doo! He might be good at tracking people down, but he's also good at taking what's not his.

7. If you could take your lover on the perfect date, where would that be?

I can't think of a better place than Tilliya Island. Perfect weather, warm breezes, sand so soft, you could walk barefoot in it all day. The best food you'll ever eat too, thanks to Yura and Keevo Juntay. It's like a second home to me and the place where Cali and I finally stopped being idiots and admitted how we felt.

8. Is there anything your lover does that completely annoys you?

If you let Cali read this, I'm coming after you, hear me? She's a terrible cook. Sorry, but it's true. Poor woman tries and tries, but damn if she doesn't set fire to something half the time, and I don't mean with her fire mage powers either. She grew up in the lap of luxury and never had to lift a finger until we met. I've tried to tell her to leave the cooking to more experienced folks (like me), but she wants to impress me and try to be Little Miss Homemaker. I mean, don't get me wrong, she's the best fire mage and ranger that I've ever seen, not that I've seen that many. But, cooking is not her thing.

9. What's the biggest challenge you've faced together as a couple?

Besides the whole mess Ravenwing started? I'd rather not rehash that now, since we've reached what you might call a truce. He does have a few redeeming qualities--I mean he's pretty handy in a fight, and he's finally found someone who's not another man's wife...or isn't currently another man's wife.

10. Is there a happily ever after in store for you?

Considering Cali's now wearing my ring and is the mother of my children, I certainly hope so. But, you know how life is. One minute you're relaxing at home and the next you're trying to stop an apocalypse. All I know is that I'm not taking another minute for granted. 

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  1. Thank you, Galadin, for warming my heart on this cold, snowy day. I remember well all the pitfalls that you and Cali went through. Isn't love grand?

    1. You're welcome, my lady. Sure, love is grand. Or crazy. Same thing. ~Galadin

  2. Hey Galadin,

    I remember your story, one twisting turn of adventure after another. I like and agree with this: "All I know is that I'm not taking another minute for granted."

    And that's what makes a great story.



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