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Characters in Love: Jacob "Feather" Moore from Finder's Tome

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 Characters in Love! 
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Today, let's welcome Jacob "Feather" Moore from A Finder's Tome:

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
Well, my name’s Jacob Moore, but you can call me Feather, everyone does. It used to bother me, but not anymore. My hometown is Nevendale, where I once worked on my family’s turnip farm. Wow, that seems like ages ago. Now I guess you can say I’m an adventurer. It isn’t something I sought, but sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to, you know?

2. How/where did you first meet your love interest?
Who? Chelsey Fa’Quin? That was a bad day. Not meeting her, mind you, that was great. What was bad was the circumstances of our meeting. My companions and I were traveling north through the Borderland Forest. We were on our way to the Great Wastes looking for an artifact called Mandrake’s Key, when a tribe of hobgoblins attacked us. At first we were doing alright, but they just kept coming. Dozens replaced the ones we struck down. Then Raffael was captured and his wolf, Aegis was seriously injured. Truthfully, we would have all probably died had it not been for Chelsey. She hid up in the trees shooting arrows at the monsters. And I must say, she was good. The best archer I’d ever seen. I don’t think she ever released an arrow that didn’t find its mark. When the battle was finally over, she dropped down to the forest floor, and I guess you could say, I was smitten. I could barely talk straight. Geoffrey had to take over our introductions.

3. Was it love (or attraction) at first sight?
That’s hard to say. I was definitely attracted to her from the start. Part of it was her elfish features; she had gently pointed ears and almond shaped green eyes that drew me in. I had never met a half-elf before, and everything about her intrigued me. I think what struck me the most was how strong and confident she was.

4. When did you know for certain that you were in love?
Unfortunately, it was when she died. I cared for her from the beginning, of course, but when that elf shot her it was as if his arrow struck me as well.

5. Have you done anything to compromise your love (or vice versa)?
I think the biggest compromise was that our mission had to come first. We never had a chance to explore our relationship. There was a great evil threatening FourPosts. Stopping it had to be our first priority. I’d like to think if things were different, you know, if she had survived, I would have been loyal and true to her for the rest of my years.

6. Has anyone ever come between you?
The only one that came between us was that elf who took her away from me. Well, Dillon, the cat-like Felinine who was a part of our group, did make jokes about our relationship at first, but that was to be expected. He was always the sarcastic type.

7. If you could take your lover on the perfect date, where would that be?
I’ve thought of that many times. Sometimes we would spend a warm spring day in the meadow south of my home where we would share a meal and watch the sun go down. At other times, I see us dancing in the Mead Hall. I don’t think it really matters what we would do, though. To be able to spend another hour with her would be perfect.

8. Is there anything your lover does that completely annoys you?
It’s not that it annoyed me, but I think she had trouble sharing her emotions. I know that she had a big falling out with her father, but she never did confide in me as to what happened.

9. What's the biggest challenge you've faced together as a couple?
Her elven background. She didn’t want to talk about it. To her she was no more an elf than I am and got furious if anyone brought it up.

10. Is there a happily ever after in store for you?
I think you already know that answer. She will always live in my heart though. Sometimes she visits me in my dreams or when I find myself lost, and helps me through my trials. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Follow Feather and Chelsey on their adventures in FourPosts:


  1. Thanks for hosting, Mysti!

  2. A very touching interview, Feather. I'm glad I got to meet you and Chelsey in the pages of Finder's Tome. Your romance was bittersweet.

    1. Thank you Leo! I was glad that you got to meet them as well.

  3. Feather and Chelsey's story was so bittersweet!

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting Joyce!

  4. Mysti, I am so glad you are doing this series. I was an big fan of TJ's from F2K and I just bought Finder's Tome. I can't wait to read it. Congratulations to TJ on the book as well.

    1. Wow, KJ! Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

    2. TJ, I just finished your book and I absolutely loved it. I was glad to see Rafael and Aegis in this story, they were my favorites from F2K. I left a review on Amazon for you. I wish you great success with this and your upcoming novel. Excellent job!

    3. I'm so happy you enjoyed the book and thanks for the review. (Truth be told, Raffael and Aegis became favorites of mine as well. That's why they take the lead in my next book.)

      Thanks again!

  5. Hey TJ,

    I love that you said this: "Sometimes she visits me in my dreams or when I find myself lost, and helps me through my trials. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true."

    I don't think it sounds crazy at all. Isn't it wonderful how a true love can go on and on?

    Thanks for sharing your story.


    1. Hey Linda!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. See you around!


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