Monday, February 17, 2014

Characters in Love: Henry from 'Merry Christmas, Henry'

Welcome to Unwritten's 
February Blog Series
 Characters in Love! 

Each day will feature a different fictional character from various books and genres, and a personal interview about their love lives. It's sure to be enlightening, and if you find yourself dying to know more about them, pick up a copy of the the book! 

Today we welcome Henry from 'Merry Christmas, Henry': 

1.     Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Henry and I’m a shy, introverted artist. I am a security guard for a museum by night and paint by day. I have a couple of good friends, my work and Rebecca to confide in.  Yes, she is actually a woman in a painting but I can confide in her and we comfort each other. My best friend, Melinda is forever trying to fix me up. She worries about me being alone and doesn’t understand I am content with the way my life has turned out. 

2.     How/where did you first meet your love interest?
My supervisor asked me to stay over and help with some incoming art pieces. Rebecca was in one of the more obscure paintings that arrived.

3.     Was it love (or attraction) at first sight?
The initial reaction to her shook me to the core. The attraction was immediate, though I didn’t understand it at the time.

4.     When did you know for certain that you were in love?
The first time Melinda tried to tell me I could never be happy while I pined over an imaginary lover on canvas. It hit me. To me, Rebecca represented true love and no other woman could compare. So I began devising a plan.

5.     Has anyone ever come between you?
Melinda tried her best but fate intervened.

6.     Is there anything your lover does that completely annoys you?
She’s a bit too quiet on occasion. But I can’t blame her for circumstances beyond her control.

7.     What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced together as a couple?
The fact that we live in two different realms. Trying to connect with one another on a physical level became an obsession for both of us.

8.     Is there a happily ever after in store for you?
Of course. Aubrey Wynne always writes a HEA. But you’ll have to read the story to see how I pull it off.

If you'd like to learn more about Henry and his unconventional love affair with Rebecca, visit these links:


  1. Henry, your story sounds so romantic. I insist on HEA endings too, so I'm sure yours will be a good one.

    Lots of luck.

  2. Thanks, Leona. I'm a romantic, yes. I hope Rebecca appreciates my efforts.

  3. Thanks for having me, Mysti.

  4. Hmm, two different realms, interesting, I'm eager to see how they connect!

  5. You'll have to read it, Val. Henry won't tell.


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