Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Characters in Love: Kate Roberts from Waiting for Dusk & Call of the Canyon

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 Characters in Love! 
Each day will feature a different fictional character from various books and genres, and a personal interview about their love lives. It's sure to be enlightening, and if you find yourself dying to know more about them, pick up a copy of the the book! 

Today, let's welcome Kate Roberts from Waiting for DuskCall of the Canyon:

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
Hi, my name is Kate Roberts.  In Waiting for Dusk, I’m a sixteen year old girl who’s on her own for summer break. I’m an only child and most of my friends weren’t in town for the summer. I was totally bored. Little did I know life was about to change and take a surprising turn all because of a book! I kept dreaming I was at the Grand Canyon, over and over again. Strange thing…it was always 1927.

2. How/where did you first meet your love interest?
I met Drew at the Grand Canyon. I was climbing a fence, not too gracefully I might add, and fell to the ground. I heard someone laughing right along with me. When I looked up, he was leaning against the back of El Tovar Restaurant enjoying the view.

 3. Was it love (or attraction) at first sight?
Instant attraction for sure. Being sixteen at the time, I doubted love at first sight. It took awhile to realize it was. Drew tells me it was love at first sight for him.

4. When did you know for certain that you were in love?
I was home, in the present, and my mom supposedly lent the book to one of her students. (Not really, but that’s another story.) Even though I thought it was a dream, I was desperate to get that book back. I had finally figured out it was the link to 1927.  I loved Drew and that world meant more than the real one.

5. Have you done anything to compromise your love (or vice versa)?
Sure, doesn’t everyone? After all, I’m a teenage girl who’s trying to find herself. My best friend from childhood decided we should get together. I went along with it. Pretty dumb but I saw it as casual dating, a way to not think about Drew. Tyson saw it as something much more than that.

6. Has anyone ever come between you?
Oh, yeah. My friend, Tyson, more than once. He’s practically a stalker now. In Call of the Canyon he does something very dark to get my attention. Drew has a jealous streak when it comes to him.

7. If you could take your lover on the perfect date, where would that be?
Drew loves nature and football. If I wanted to spoil him, I’d get a private loge for the Super Bowl and then whisk him away to a cabin in the woods. For me, a candlelit dinner anywhere.

8. Is there anything your lover does that completely annoys you?
He still has some hang ups, old-fashioned values that he brought right along with him. Sometimes it drives me crazy. He’s overprotective because of that, too. I can do things on my own

9. What's the biggest challenge you've faced together as a couple?
In the soon-to-be-released Stealing Time we face our biggest challenge in New York City. We’ve gone back in time to visit Drew’s family. All’s not as it seems.

10. Is there a happily ever after in store for you?
Drew is an old-fashioned guy in a futuristic world, if that makes sense.  I’ve done some growing up and don’t think life’s a fairytale anymore. Once you realistically face life as a couple, you definitely have a fighting chance. Most YA stories have happy endings. I think mine does, too.

Will Kate and Drew stay together despite their time travel woes? You can find them here:


  1. Great interview! This book is on my reading list. Now I can't wait!

  2. Thanks, Charmaine. And thanks to Msyti for having Kate on her blog for Characters in Love month!

  3. I liked the covers but the character interview convinced me. Nice job.

  4. I enjoyed your interview, Nancy. I'm always intrigued by time travel stories.


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