Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Characters in Love: Hope Kilpatrick from Finding Hope in Texas

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 Characters in Love! 
Each day will feature a different fictional character from various books and genres, and a personal interview about their love lives. It's sure to be enlightening, and if you find yourself dying to know more about them, pick up a copy of the the book! 

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

            Well, my name is Hope Kilpatrick.  I live in Texas now after moving from New York.  I wasn’t sure it was the right decision to make, you know, to move down here, but I had to get away from the memories of my family.  That’s what brought me here and that’s where I met Jason.

2. How/where did you first meet your love interest?

            We met at a parade in Ft. Worth.  Our mutual friend introduced us and I was nervous anyway.  Long story short, I fell into his arms at a restaurant.  Yes, I’m being literal.  But he caught me and has been holding me ever since.

3. Was it love (or attraction) at first sight?

            I would say attraction.  Yes, I know, I’m just a silly teenager, but Jason is devastatingly handsome.  His eyes are the kind you can get lost in.  He’s got that rebellious, James Dean, look to him, except with short hair, but he does have a motorcycle.  Pretty much everything your mother would warn you about.

4. When did you know for certain that you were in love?

            Oddly enough, it might have been as early as our third meeting.  We both went to a Civil War reenactment and in the middle of the night told each other about ourselves.  He heard my depressing story about why I was in Texas and I heard his about being in the war.  At one moment I remember crying for both of us, and the next he was there, beside me, holding me, making me feel alive again for the first time.  I’ve had that feeling ever since.

5. Have you done anything to compromise your love (or vice versa)?

            Not yet and I can only hope not too.  The only time he was ever miffed at me was when I bought
him a gift.  It wasn’t much, but, he wouldn’t accept it.  He turned the whole incident around on me though, telling me that I already had him and didn’t have to buy him anything.  It was sweet.

6. Has anyone ever come between you?

            No. No one ever has.  I hope they never do.  What we have is amazing.

7. If you could take your lover on the perfect date, where would that be?
            Oh, well, for him it might be a Civil War reenactment.  For me, well, maybe just a park with the whole picnic basket, blanket and staring at the clouds as they go by as long as we were close to each other. 

8. Is there anything your lover does that completely annoys you?

            No, not yet anyway.  But you might need to ask him that question.

9. What's the biggest challenge you've faced together as a couple?

            Our pasts … He, well, he went to war, lived through the carnage.  Before that, back in high school, he had a tough life as well.  For me, it was the loss of my family, the move to Texas and away from what I knew.  But everyone has a past, right?  I mean, some days we dwell on it and the other one has to pull us back, so we are there for each other, always.

10. Is there a happily ever after in store for you?
            I can only hope so.  Jason is my rock.  He is the world to me.  I hope he can see me in his life fifty or sixty years down the road, you know, that old couple sitting in their front porch swing together, still madly in love after all those years.  I need that with Jason and I hope he needs that from me as well.

 You can read more about Hope and Jason in 'Finding Hope in Texas' by Ryan T. Petty, 
coming this April!

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