Saturday, January 8, 2011

Angie Kinsey's Entry

From Angels and Appetites (working title), a novel in progress by Angie Kinsey.
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Crystal grabbed her coat and her cowboy hat. The Angel appeared just beyond the doorway taking up most of the space in the trailer hallway, "I tried to warn you about Sam."
Crystal pulled her keys out of her coat pocket, reached for the door, and opened it.
The Angel's face was still free of emotion, "This will turn out badly for you."
"Aw, keep it to yourself," Crystal said as she went down the steps and her boots scraped the steps.
"I warn you not to go," The Angel said.
Crystal turned around in the middle of the driveway, "And why exactly shouldn't I go? How exactly do you know the future?"
The Angel disappeared.
"Well ain't you just little miss chatty-Cathy when the real questions come," Crystal said as she slipped her hat on.

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