Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nora Weston's Entry

From: The Twelfth Paladin, a novel by Nora Weston

Angie Helms and Jake Cottrell in a discussion where she admits to not being as sweet as he thinks she is...
“Thank the Lord! So good to know you are human. What have you done that’s so horrible?” I asked probably not sounding serious enough.
Angie closed her eyes saying, “I’ve tried to kill Davis.”
“’d that go?”
“Stop it! Be serious, Jake. I’ve stabbed him, shot him, and run him, I even poisoned him—”
“The Wolfsbane?”
“Yes! I thought those purple babies would do it,” she said utterly disgusted, “but, clearly...nothing has worked. The Wolfsbane made him fly higher than a kite, that’s all. Bummer, huh?”
“Yep. Did you try cutting off his head?”
“Nope. Missed that one, damn,” she said. Biting her lip, and smashing that cross ring into her finger, she stared at me, almost as though she was reassessing whether or not she still trusted me.

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