Sunday, January 2, 2011

Belinda G. Buchanan's Entry

From the novel "After All Is Said And Done":

The wind was a little nippy as she and Ethan got out of his car and began walking down a dirt path. This afternoon he had persuaded her to go horseback riding with him. The ground was cold and hard under her feet as they made their way towards the stables. Up ahead, she saw a man leading a horse out of the barn. 

"Hi, Doc.” 

"Nick," Ethan nodded. "Thanks for getting him ready." 

"No problem." 

Ethan rubbed the horse on his neck and patted him. "Sarah, this is Comet," he said. "Comet, this is Sarah." 

The horse snorted at her. White puffs of air came out of its nostrils. 

"He's beautiful!" 

He stood a good foot or two above Ethan. His coloring was so black that it shimmered. 

Comet affectionately nudged Ethan's arm. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a handful of sugar cubes. 

"Here," he said, handing her a couple. "Feed him one. Just put it in the palm of your hand like this," he said demonstrating how. 

Sarah had never been on a horse before, let alone be near one. And quite frankly, she was a little terrified. She placed the sugar cubes in her palm and extended her arm. "Here Comet," she said. 

The horse sniffed at her palm. Sarah screamed when she felt his tongue and threw the cubes down on the ground! A shudder went through her as she danced backwards! 

Comet took a step forward still thinking she had the cube.

"He's going to eat me!" She said grabbing Ethan's arm and hiding behind him!

Ethan was laughing so hard he could hardly stand up! 

She swatted him on the back of his shoulder. "That's not funny!"

"I wish I'd had a camera right then," he said still laughing as he walked around the side of the horse. He put his foot in the stirrup and in one swift motion he was sitting in the saddle. "Give me your hand," he said grinning down at her. 

Sarah hesitantly took his hand, putting her foot in the stirrup the way he had done. 

Comet turned his head and stared curiously at her. 

"He's looking at me Ethan." 

"That just means he likes you," he said still grinning. "Come on." 

She swung her leg over and settled herself into the saddle behind Ethan. 

"How's that?" He asked, looking over his shoulder at her. 

"Okay, I guess," she said nervously. 

"Just hold on to me." 

She wrapped her arms around his waist. 

"Not that tight. I can't breathe," he laughed. 

"Sorry," she said, loosening her grip. 

"Are you ready?" 

"Mmm hmm. But, Ethan please don't make him go fast," she begged. 

"I promise." He made a clicking sound with his tongue and Comet began to move.

Sarah felt as if she was on a ferris wheel for the first time. 

Ethan guided Comet across the field and into a patch of woods.


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  1. I ended up voting for katy, but I liked this very much as well - as a person who never went close to a horse I believe I'd react just like Sarah!

  2. I agree I would have reacted the same. A well written and believable scene.


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