Friday, January 7, 2011

Jeffrey Keenan's Entry

From Space Pirate (working title), a work in progress by Jeffrey Keenan

Jones faced the monitor and tapped a few keys. Images loaded on the screen and Jones watched them, silent and intent.
“She was most lovely, John.”
Jones smiled a wry smile and took a shallow breath. “She was the prettiest woman I ever knew, Pixie.”
“Looking at her image always seems to hurt you, John.”
“But you continue to look.”
“Doesn’t make sense, does it, Pixie?”
“I do not understand why you would want to do something that causes you pain.”
Jones thought for a moment, his chest tightening. “Fear, Pixie.”
“Captain?” He smiled to himself. Pixie always reverted to his rank when confused.
“I’m afraid I’ll forget her. I couldn’t bear to forget her, Pixie.”
“This is love, John?”
Jones closed the images, and sat back. “This is love, Pixie.”
“I do not think I understand it, John.”
He chuckled, a bleak smile spreading across his face.
“Join the club, Pixie, join the club.”

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