Monday, January 24, 2011

News You Can Use

Did you know that today is "Beer Can Appreciation Day" and "Compliment Day"?

Why not compliment a beer can today? "Hey there Miller Lite can. I like the way your name's all diagonal and how shiny you are. Now come here and let me appreciate your innards."

Not a drinker? Compliment someone for not drinking beer today.

Brought to you by Mysti, the fount of useless knowledge.


  1. Awesome! Some beer cans are pretty, though. They always look so cold and inviting... I think it might be time for a beer or eight.

  2. omg! I couldn't stop laughing. I'm sure my H will enjoy complimenting his Guinness cans in the refrigerator. Thanks Mysti. Your sense of humor is always so refreshing.

  3. Drew a chuckle out of me. Maybe I'll compliment a Redd's can today (right, you people don't have Redd's - awesome lady beer). To celebrate my escape from impending exam doom. One to go!

  4. You can do it, Stephanie!

    I'm not a beer fan, but I will probably splurge on some champagne this weekend.

    Happy I can provide a laugh or two. I'm full of goofiness. 8)


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