Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Reading List, 2011

I've added a reading list to my sidebar for already read, currently reading, or upcoming books. I'll keep adding as I finish and as I find books to read. You're welcome to send any suggestions my way, though I am not guaranteed to read everything.

Hopefully, this will help to keep me accountable on my quest to read more in 2011. While we're here, and since I'm nosy, what are some of your favorite genres? What kind of books can you just not put down?


  1. I can not put a good fantasy book down (YA or adult). I'm a sworn fan of Terry Brooks and G.R.R. Martin. :)

  2. Ha. Terry Brooks introduced me to Fantasy with Sword of Shannara (Spelling? Probably wrong.) I moved on to Elfstones, and waited for Wishsong, reading it when it was released (yes, I date myself.)

    Moved on to Tolkien, like all good fantasy readers. Read all of David Eddings Belgariad and associated sets. That was a huge accomplishment.

    King always sucks me in and holds me by the throat. Can't put his stuff down, except maybe recently. I think he has tried to branch out and I didn't like it as much.

    I guess I would have to say Fantasy, King (he IS his own genre), Sci Fi is fun sometimes. And of course, there is this one romance writer that I read...

  3. Well, she *does* throw a wizard in now and then. :)


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