Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lindsey Loucks's Entry

From "The Grave Winner", a YA paranormal novel being queried as we speak...

Jo had her face pressed against Callum’s door. She grinned as she turned the doorknob and pushed. I crept behind her but stopped in the doorway. By the basement light and the blue lava lamp in Callum’s bedroom, I could see well enough. Callum was face down on his bed with nothing covering him but his boxers. The Monroes’ cat Elf sat on top of Callum’s butt and stared at us, his eyes like perfect circles of reflective tape.

Jo tiptoed to Callum’s dresser. Her hand closed over the keys, and she turned back towards the door.

Callum stirred, but Elf managed to ride out the wave of him.

Her eyes wide, Jo hurried towards me.

“Weed,” a muffled voice said. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing,” Jo whispered. “You’re dreaming.”

“If you’re stealing my car again, I’ll tell Mom and Dad, and they’ll never get you your own car.”

“Whatever, Cal. I’ll tell them you snuck out last night even though you’re grounded,” she said.

Callum muttered a string of curse words. Elf, still on Callum’s butt, settled down into a crescent shape and closed his eyes. “How about I just take you where you want to go?” Callum asked with a sigh.




  1. The Monroes’ cat Elf sat on top of Callum’s butt and stared at us . . . That is awesome! I love that line. Elf, what a great name for a cat.

  2. P.S Love your entry.


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