Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan Hurst-Nicholson's Entry

From Can You Drink the Water? a novel by Jan Hurst-Nicholson
Available now: (Amazon US) and (Amazon UK)

 It's British humour and the characters are from Liverpool, hence the accent.
Mavis unpacked the suitcases, stowing the clothes neatly in drawers and cupboards, until she was able to exhume a large wooden-framed photograph of her grinning mam and dad. She swept her sleeve across the smudged glass before propping the photo proudly on the bedside table.
 "What the hell is that?" Frank said, arrested in the middle of re-rolling the cigarette he had inadvertently flattened with the suitcase. 
"It's a picture of me mam and dad," Mavis said fondly, re-positioning it so the elderly faces grinned down at the bed.
"Where the hell did'ya gerrit?"
"Me mam had it made as a going-away present."
"Will you look at the size of it! If you put a mast on it we could've sailed over on it," Frank said, the cigarette screwed into the corner of his mouth. "I hope you're not thinking of leaving it there. How d'you expect me to sleep with your old lady starin' down at me all night?"
Mavis was long accustomed to Frank's opinion of her parents, but now, with them so far away, his snide remarks stung. Her lower lip trembled, and forcing back tears she challenged, "Okay, clever dick, where d'you suggest I put it?"
He gave a leering grin. "It'll make your eyes water!"

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