Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Story Behind A Ranger's Tale

In the fantasy world of Tallenmere, the high elf Caliphany Aranea has lived a life of luxury in the capital city of Leogard as niece of King Leopold and daughter of a powerful wizard. When her older brother died while fulfilling his dream of becoming a paladin, her father put her on a tight leash. Now at almost a century old, she's destined to follow in her father's footsteps to lead the Mage Academy and marry a scribe she doesn't even like. She longs to leave her gilded cage and takes a fateful stroll on the docks.

Galadin Trudeaux has lived with the stigma of being a half-breed. Born to a human father and elven mother, he witnessed his parents' death at the hands of pirates when he was a boy. Raised by the same murderous seafarers and forced to do their bidding, he finally escaped. Now he's turned his life around, reclaiming the sea merchant business his father left behind. As both ranger and sailor, he knows a thing or two about fighting. It comes in handy when he witnesses two brutes trying to kidnap the beautiful Caliphany.

Since she failed at using magic to defend herself, Caliphany decides she better learn some new skills so she can finally set out on her own. She seeks out Galadin again. Against his better judgment, but persuaded by her hefty sack of coin, he agrees to train her.

From that moment on, Caliphany and Galadin embark on a journey of self discovery. Besides some very real threats in the form of goblins and trolls, she struggles to merge her identity as both wizard and ranger. He struggles to overcome his guilt. Their attraction soon blossoms into love, allowing Galadin to let go of his past, and Caliphany to finally believe in herself. 

Her newly-found confidence is shaken, however, when tragedy strikes. Caliphany must learn to depend on those around her, including an old love, to help her survive. Trust is tested on every level when her world is turned upside-down again and again. Dark secrets emerge, but are they a match against the power of forgiveness and a love that stands the test of time?


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